One day in the life of an MK newcomer

By John Pettit, MAODE Programme Director

Research at the Institute of Educational Technology feeds into our Master’s programme in numerous ways. For example, the EU-funded MASELTOV project explored the use of mobile technology to help migrants learn a language and develop their understanding of their new cultural context. The Open University – one of 14 partners in the project – trialled the MASELTOV Android app in Milton Keynes in the UK. The Spanish-speaking participants, who had recently come to Milton Keynes from Latin America, were each given a phone loaded with the app. As they moved around Milton Keynes, the app gave them various location-based prompts and opportunities for learning English.

Our Master’s students examine this project within the broad topic of location-based learning – and they also explore some of the issues around data privacy. This is highlighted in, for example, the map showing the path of one of the phones (and presumably one of the participants) that moved around Milton Keynes. Students also get to appreciate the elegance of MK’s gridroads – and those famous roundabouts.

Map of Milton Keynes, showing the path of one of the phones or participants in the MASELTOV trial

Source: Visualisation of geo-context data by JOANNEUM RESEARCH, MASELTOV project (adapted from Google Maps).